Update 2021

Update 2021 décembre 24, 2021 For this 2021 year, I made the choice to discover a little bit more of mountains that I like: Belledonne. If I were a little chauvinistic, I would even tell that they are the most beautiful local mountains. Thus, I added a couple of photos in the sections Atmospheres in Belledonne, Alpine Meetings and See in the Dark, souvenirs of my summer and autumn strolls. One will find all kinds of atmospheres that make their […]

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New version

New version janvier 13, 2021 I hope that you will find in this new version the spirit of the old one. My love for photography has not changed. My style must have evolved. But, to me, the spirit remains identical. It has always been me behind the camera. Surf the web site, discover the galleries. And do not hesitate to share your feedbacks via the contact page. Be sure that they will be read with care. Have a good ride […]

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