Book Isère Spectaculaire

Book Isère Spectaculaire

Isère Spectaculaire


Isère is a living spectacle, in perpetual motion. Each of its landscapes, from one hour to the next, is like a movie set, with its own secret life and breathtaking panoramas!

From the banks of the Rhône and its wild meanders to the high peaks of the Ecrins, from the Isère valley to the high plateaus of the Vercors, from the crystal-clear lakes of the Belledonne to the glaciers of the Oisans, few departments in France present such a diversity of faces.

A land of adventure with a rich historical heritage, at one and the same time natural and urban, rural and industrial, at the cutting edge of summits and technologies, Isère can’t be described in a single stroke… You have to spend a long time surveying it, to grasp its quintessence, between heaven and earth.

This is the work of patience and passion that the 9 Isère photographers have devoted to this book, in which Isère is revealed in all its facets, both intimate and spectacular!


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