Awakening senses

I invite you to visit these landscapes and live a tremendous experience, your five senses will develop and assert themselves. Solitude helping, each of them becomes more precise, more efficient, enlarging your perception of your environment. You can then fully taste these ephemeral lights, soak up the silence of the mountain, see in the darkness of a moonless night, feel your feet wet with the torrent’s water or breathe the different scents from an elsewhere which is not necessarily so far away.

Keep your senses awake and have a good ride.

Taste the ephemeral

Rare lights that give an exceptional side to common places Special lightsBetween blue and orange The eastern fence of the Vercors halves the landscape....

Sprinkling on the Norwegian coast

Smell the scents from an elsewhere

Landscapes from more or less distant lands, more or less mountainous. Scents from the fjords Sprinkling on the Norwegian coast It snowed during the...

Gyre of leaves

Getting wet feet

An essential element of our mountains is water that is presented here in all its forms. Gyre of leaves Automn reserves pleasant surprises for...

Night-time self-portrait

See in the dark

Walking around at night reveals other senses. We then learn to see in the dark. Melt at night Summer being there already, the snow...