Taste the ephemeral

Enchantment in Chartreuse

Special lights

Twilight The night was falling and the sea of clouds was breaking up. I could then see both the valley and the snowy summits. At the clouds boundary Clouds were covering the whole valley and most of the summits. At the clouds boundary, I could see the Rochers du Midi and even the Mont-Blanc. Undergrowth I think that bad weather suits undergrowths perfectly to undergrowths. They are the most beautiful with rain, snow, or even thick fog. Panoramic view of […]

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In front of the titans


Point des Cerces It is actually not this peak which has the top in the clouds, but the summit at the very right which is bathing in a beautiful light. Foggy Cerces Lost in the fog, the summits of the Massif des Cerces cannot be seen. The atmosphere is then so special. Is it the good timing to start hiking ? In front of the titans On the summit of the Mont Buet 3,096 m (10,157 ft), also known as […]

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Atmospheres in Belledonne

Grandeur They are not the highest mountains. They hardly reach 3000 m of elevation. However they surely are majestic. Cotton Summer was almost over. Thanks to the ambient humidity, clouds formed in a flash. In a few minutes only, cotton wrapped the mountains. Colourful sunrise What a lucky man who attends such a colourful sunrise ! Beginning of winter The first snow covered almost everything, as well as the clouds in the sky which let appear few summits only. Between […]

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Alpine meetings

Hope Getting comfortable for the sunset, I was hoping that the alpine ibex I saw before would come on this ridge. My wish became reality. Dancer at the top Here is a very rare species, so rare that I could observe it once only. But the conditions for a nice picture were combined. Alpine ibex with autumn colours When summer is over, cowd leaves progressively the mountains and animals, like this alpine ibex, take their course. Alpine ibex on the […]

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