Taste the ephemeral

Rare lights that give an exceptional side to common places Special lights Between blue and orange The eastern fence of the Vercors halves the landscape. On the valley side, the cloudy sky gives a blue hue…. Vertical Foggy Cerces Lost in the fog, the summits of the Massif des Cerces cannot be seen. The atmosphere is then so special. Is it… Atmospheres in Belledonne Colourful sunrise What a lucky man who attends such a colourful sunrise ! End of the […]

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Sprinkling on the Norwegian coast

Smell the scents from an elsewhere

Landscapes from more or less distant lands, more or less mountainous. Scents from the fjords Sprinkling on the Norwegian coast It snowed during the night. Norwegian coasts were slightly covered by a thin layer of snow. In the Blue… Scents from the Indian Ocean Scents from the West Coast Lonely tree In this end of the world landscape, it is surprising to see this tree grow up. Amazing Nature. Forest of giants Sequoia…

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Heavy spring snowfall

Soak up the silence

When the last noise has left the mountain to give way to a muffled silence Heavy snowfall Properly installed, winter showed its vigour. Thick flakes of snow were falling. Cold was biting. Noises faded and the silence was. Snow desert There is no one to meet into the winter desert of the Vercors. It has been a long time since summer when it was possible to bump into animals of any kind. Not only alpine ibex, but also human beings. […]

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Gyre of leaves

Getting wet feet

An essential element of our mountains is water that is presented here in all its forms. Gyre of leaves Automn reserves pleasant surprises for those who are able to see. Traditional view of the Lac Guichard The Lac Guichard is famous for its view of the Aiguilles d’Arves. If you go through the Col de la Croix de Fer, I advise you to stop to contemple it. Panoramic view from the Lac Noir The view of La Meije is absolutely […]

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Night-time self-portrait

See in the dark

Walking around at night reveals other senses. We then learn to see in the dark. Me and the Milky Way The small guy in the picture who desperately tries to illuminate the Milky Way, it’s me.

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